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Meet Tamara Sachs, M.D., speaker and health activist.

Using Functional Medicine, Dr. Sachs prevents and treats chronic illness by addressing their underlying root causes, remaining respectful of the uniqueness, complexity, and intuitions that make us human.

Dr. Sachs develops individualized, simple, affordable Personalized Wellness Plans that are safe and powerfully effective.

Personalized Wellness Plans are available in her office or, virtually, on this website.

“Dr. Sachs is a unique physician because she discusses a realistic approach to your health issues in a way that honors your goals and beliefs. After working with you extensively, she spends hours preparing a foundation for a powerful, effective and safe system of health and healing. I have never been to a doctor who is so committed to helping you.” -Kim P.W.

With credible, scientific and leading-edge information, and everything from resources to recipes, Dr. Sachs will empower you to take control of your life and your health.

This site provides tools to explain how your body works, so that you can make better decisions regarding your health.

“…amazingly empowering presentation…”
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“…I felt so empowered by your lecture on detoxification…”
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“…I was able to get practical tips on what to do……”
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“…I am 30 lbs. lighter….”
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“…I am off all meds….”
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“…I have more energy….”
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“…my skin looks great….”
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