A complete human being

Dear Dr. Sachs,

Thank you so much in believing in me and my recovery. Since coming to you in April of 2013 my lupus symptoms have been reduced my more than half and that spark of life that made me…”Me” is finally coming back. After searching for a doctor for over two decades I finally made it to the one who saw me as a complete human being and not just the numbers from a blood test. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Sachs with your help I can finally see there is still life worth living and I CAN enjoy it. Sincerely and with much joy,

Anna M. F.

Post-Chemo Better than Ever

Diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s B-Cell Lymphoma November 1, 2012, I finished chemo on March 21, 2012. Treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering with 4 RCHOP and 3 ICE sessions. Totally clean and very blessed to be alive and well. Chemo was extremely depleting for me, despite being an active, 61-year-old athletic guy. I heard about Dr Sachs through a few people in New Milford and Bridgewater where I live. I started seeing Dr Sachs late last spring of 2012, she did a number of rigorous blood tests and after results started me on a new regimen of supplements and diet change. Infusions of glutathione, minerals and Juice Plus have been a big part of the program. My biggest issue aside from extreme fatigue and muscle soreness initially was neuropathy in my feet as a result of chemo. About seven or eight infusions of glutathione has pretty much eliminated that negative side effect nearly 100% as Dr Sachs believed it would. I would say I am in better shape now than ever…my colleagues and friends tell me I have a glow they were not used to seeing in me before! I must say, I feel great. I take my supplements religiously, eat clean, exercise and am enjoying life fully, thank God. I believe Dr Sachs is extremely professional, thorough, highly intelligent, caring and enthusiastic. I like that she is inclusive in her use of medicine, nutrition and supplements. After chemo in May, I remember being able to ride a stationery bike for all of 32 seconds before total fatigue set in. I now road bike for hours, play golf, work out with weights and feel amazing. Many thanks to my family and friends for their unending support, my oncologist at Memorial for the ridding process and to Dr Sachs for the rebuild. I am happily on the path to stay healthy.

John A.

Fewer medications

I wish to thank Dr. Tamara Sachs for helping to get me off of my daily dose of prednisone that I had been on for years! Another doctor had prescribed it when I really needed the adrenal support. I wasn’t able, nor did I believe I could stop taking it. I was scared to wean myself off of it.

Dr. Sachs gave me the encouragement I needed, and did the necessary testing to back her position for me to stop.

Her expertise in so many fields of medicine has also given me hope that, as a breast cancer survivor, I may continue to be cancer free. Her dietary suggestions and Juice Plus products are making me less toxic, and are working toward balancing my hormones and helping me stay more alkaline!

I can recommend Dr. Sachs to anyone who wants to get control of his or her health. She is great!

Pain & auto-immune diseases

After being diagnosed with a severe Lyme Disease infection, my GP discovered that I was also suffering from hypothyroidism, most likely triggered by the Lyme Disease. I was put on Synthroid. For the next 4 years, my health went down hill…frequent debilitating headaches, very low energy, waking up, exhausted and never knowing when I was going to have a ‘bad day’…meaning that I would wake up feeling terrible and feel terrible all day long. Then, my skin began to be afflicted with loss of pigmentation, known as vitiligo.

I went to Dr. Sachs on the recommendation of a friend and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Dr. Sachs did thorough testing to get to the causes of my symptoms. She discovered that not only was I hypothyroid, but that I had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease…my body was mistakenly attacking my thyroid gland. I had very high levels of thyroid antibodies that needed to be reduced. She also discovered that I had delayed food allergies to gluten, dairy and 5 other foods. By avoiding these foods and taking the proper doses of medication and supplements, my headaches have basically disappeared. The thyroid antibodies also went down dramatically. My energy levels have increased and I no longer fear what each morning will have in store for me. One nagging symptom that stubbornly remained was joint pain and unexplained pain that moved throughout different parts of my body.

Dr. Sachs recently prescribed a protocol of low dose naltrexone (LDN) to try and reduce pain/inflammation, as well as strengthen my immune system. I am happy to say that my pain is now greatly reduced and the thyroid antibodies are now almost completely gone. My energy levels are now even higher, I am able to work out on a regular basis and I have lost 15 pounds. In addition, my skin is now starting to re-pigment, which in feel very good about….the LDN is normalizing my immune system so that it is no longer attacking my skin. I feel that I am very close to getting my health issues as close to be resolved as is possible. Dr. Sachs stays vigilant in keeping track of my progress through blood tests so that she can catch any changes that may signal trouble. I feel confident that I will continue to feel well and stay in good health thanks to Dr. Sachs and I highly recommend her.

Jeff C.

Carefully Individualized Detoxification Program

I suffered a serious heart attack in 2009. The doctors in the cardiac-cath lab worked quickly and successfully to save my life. I walked out of the hospital 5 days later, with a handful of new medicines, 8 stents placed in my artery and a confusing stack of generic papers outlining what one should be eating and how to “move on” after a serious attack.

Thankfully, there has been tremendous progress made in the field of cardiology and emergency catheterization over the years. I am thankful for everything that the doctors did in the emergency situation. However, I couldn’t help but notice the enormous rift between what happens when ANYONE suffers a heart attack and MY SPECIFIC case.

My confusion stemmed from the fact that I was being “processed” as just another number in a long line of heart patients. That is when I sought out the specific expertise of functional medicine Dr. Tamara Sachs, in New Milford. With a variety of other system imbalances, I knew that it was important for me to partner with a doctor who would look at my physical, lifestyle and psychological issues in totality. I needed help sifting through all of my various medicines and managing the supplementation, lifestyle and diet alterations that would benefit me and MY physiology, most optimally.

Dr. Sachs provides me with the whole body approach to wellness that I know I need in order to thrive. She is a self-proclaimed research-fanatic. And, thankfully so! We have completed the re-balancing phase of my nutrition system. So, now my body is prepared to adequately handle the detoxing process using oral chelation. I am very comfortable with the structure that Dr. Sachs employs, as I recognize that she is extremely careful to prepare my body to handle the reduction of various stressors before moving onto the next layer to be dealt with. But, equally as important to me, she prepares me mentally, as well. Dr. Sachs takes the time to review every detail of my blood work or heavy metals test with me, to ensure that I completely understand what and why we are going to undertake the next step. Plus, she understands that most of the time, I require information in layman’s terms, as I do not have a degree in medicine. In other words, she has mastered the skill of an incredible bedside manner, which is lacking in most doctors’ offices today.

My experience with Dr. Sachs continues to be one of a true partnership. I understand that my results are only going to be as good as the patient…and I take great care to be responsive to our action plan that we agree upon. In terms of results, suffice to say, I have not felt better than I do today, thanks to Dr. Sachs. Both physically and from a psychological standpoint. It gives me tremendous peace of mind to be in such skilled, personal care. She sees me for the person that I am, not a number. That feeling of security is worth everything in the world to me.

Hamilton B.

New Milford

My road to recovery

Dr. Sachs was recommended to me by a friend who approaches her health the same way Dr. Sachs does, I was diagnosed with RA 6+ years ago, I was 80lbs overweight, I was on multiple medications including

Enbrel, Methotrexate and Celebrex, my health was spiraling out of control.

Then I met Dr. Sachs and within 4 weeks of my appointment I was well on my way to better health. I committed to the 30 day Comprehensive Elimination Diet had my blood work done and came up with multiple food allergies and deficiencies in vitamins and minerals,

I am glad to say that after 14 weeks I still follow the Elimination Diet, I take my supplements (including Juice Plus) I am 30lbs lighter, I am off all meds, I have more energy now than I have had in years my skin looks great, my joints are improved, I don’t have chronic heartburn (I suffered daily).

I have yet to reintroduce my “sensitive foods” but I will! For now I am happy just feeling good! I would encourage anyone who truly wants to be committed to there health to seek out Dr. Sachs and her eye opening approach, it will change your life, It has certainly changed mine.

Dawn B.

Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis & Fibromyalgia

I have been seeing Dr. Sachs on and off for 3 years. I began seeing Dr. Sachs for nutrient deficiencies due to digestive issues and food allergies/sensitivities. Currently, we are working to treat and manage my Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Fibromyalgia. First, Dr. Sachs helped with my diet and nutrition. The Elimination Diet and supplements improved my heartburn, digestion, menstruation, and relieved my chronic headaches. I also saw an increase in overall energy and well being.

After a year on my new diet and supplements, I was able to decrease my RA medication for the first time since 2003 and eventually went into a 7-month remission. When my RA flared again, I did not respond to conventional medicine and my Fibromyalgia was worse than ever. I have been working with Dr. Sachs again for the last 5 months using Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) treatment and additional supplements for inflammation.

Regarding my Fibromyalgia, FSM has drastically improved my sleeping, increased my energy level, minimized my overall body aches, leveled my emotions, and, most importantly, has eliminated my fibrofog. With FSM, I now wake up in the morning and feel like myself. Regarding my RA, FSM has enabled me to decrease my Prednisone without a NSAID or other pain management. Additionally, FSM reduces the following RA symptoms: joint swelling, burning, and localized pins-and-needles feeling. Dr. Sachs has improved my quality of life by focusing on the root causes of my symptoms and taking a whole-body approach. I first turned to functional medication because I have watched family members with RA continue to struggle while conventional medication is unable to manage their disease activity. As a young adult, turning to holistic approaches is an investment in my future and I recommend anyone with long-standing or chronic conditions to explore functional medicine, as well. My health has completely changed!

Ellen D.

Headaches and exhaustion gone!

Dr. Sachs was referred to me because I felt so bad and I couldn’t get anyone to help me. I was exhausted and overweight, despite a low calorie diet and exercise 5 days a week. I had headaches, skin problems, upper respiratory issues, depression, and hair loss.

Dr. Sachs sat down with me for 2 hours and listened, really listened to me. She recommended an elimination diet, blood work, and supplements. She also explained the importance of fruits and vegetable and proper portions. I went back 5 weeks later feeling incredible! Dr. Sachs is the kind of doctor every doctor should be, not just because she knows what to do for your body but because she really cares.

Linda C

A Healthier Path through the Cancer Maze

A journey through the cancer maze can be long, complicated and depressing. The path can be gloomy and mysterious, so if you’re fortunate enough to find an angel to help guide you through the maze, the journey will become a healthier and happier experience.

It all started eight years ago, I was only 52 and went for a physical and soon afterwards a urologist stated; ”you have prostate cancer and if you don’t do something….you will die”.

After some research and advice from my local team of doctors, the customary choice came down to surgery or radiation. So where was Dr. Sachs when I needed her? Apparently right down the street….but little did I know….and what is functional medicine doctor and does alternative medicine really work?

Six years of conventional treatments including radioactive seeds, external beam radiation, hormone therapy and clinical trials – the side effects were taking their toll. The solution was more medications and more treatments to treat the treatments. Throughout this ordeal, each doctor was questioned several times, “Is there anything else I can do?” Their response was always similar, “No we have you covered”.

So I researched on my own and tried multi-vitamins, different prostate supplements and eventually came to the conclusion that maybe I should find a professional that could help me select the “right” antioxidants. My wife heard about a doctor that did just that and she was right down the street, how convenient….and ironic.

Six years from the beginning….enter Dr. Sachs….we started off slowly….a few supplements, Juice Plus and some diet recommendations. I felt better, maybe this stuff works. So with my encouragement, Dr. Sachs stepped it up a couple notches. More improvements, my skin was noticeably healthier, my urinary issues (radiation side effects) were resolving, allergies disappeared, no more colds or flu, no sunburn and then the dramatic blood test improvements – what cholesterol….the skeptic was being convinced….maybe conventional medicine doesn’t have all the answers.

Dr. Sachs helped me explore the world of prostate cancer and its conventional and alternative treatments….with her help and encouragement I became an “empowered patient”. It didn’t take long for me to realize that her education and training in conventional medicine with years of practicing functional medicine, places Dr. Sachs in a position to be able to understand medicine in far more depth than this engineer ever will, no matter how much I research. So her latest role…..my very own medical advisor.

I now have an unbiased, super-smart physician that puts my total health first, helping me understand and make the complex treatment decisions that lie on the path ahead.

My strongest recommendation; if need help to get you through one of life’s most complex mazes, find an angel….or Dr. Sachs!


Very Grateful to Have Found a Doctor That Actually Listens to Me

I am a 41 year old female and for over 8 years I went to dozens of doctors to try to find out why I was suffering from insomnia, horrible muscle pain in my arms and legs, depression and severe fatigue. The only thing the doctors would tell me was that I had an “unspecified autoimmune disease”. They kept pushing me to take strong medication, which I refused to take time and time again. Stressful days would take me down for a couple of days. On one of those bad days, I happened to be speaking to a friend of my mom’s about how I had been feeling. She told me about Dr. Sachs and how she had helped one of her friends who had been feeling a lot of the same symptoms as me. I am so grateful to have found her. She started me on an Elimination Diet to rid my body of toxins and allergy foods for one month. She took some blood work and after the month was over, my blood work showed that I was allergic to 12 foods (mainly foods I ate regularly). My husband decided to do the diet with me and after just one month, not only did we lose weight (my husband lost 18 lbs. and I lost 15 lbs.), but we both feel great. I sleep so much better now, and the pain is much less. I am looking forward to enjoying my life again.

Jane D.

Jazzed up to make some changes

I just got off the phone with Emy and wanted to thank you. She thought you were brilliant, wonderful,

helpful, encouraging…as I knew she would. I think she is jazzed up to make some changes and I hope they

stick! Thanks so much for seeing her and being your most special self.

Andrea N.

Recovery from Ankylosing Spondylitis

After 17 years of struggling with an increasingly painful form of Arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis, I can honestly say I have been 100% pain free since July 11th, 2011 thanks to Dr. Sachs! When I was told that I had a chronic condition that most likely would slowly fuse my spine over time, I couldn’t believe my ears! Over the course of the next 17 yrs, I tried everything from acupuncture, to yoga, to juicing-all to no avail! As my condition worsened I went from low dose anti-inflammatories to high dose, then to Celebrex, then on to injections of Humira every other week and Prednisone.

Dr. Sachs helped me to get back on track with an elimination diet, various vitamins and Juice Plus+. I stuck with the program as best I could, and felt the never ending circle of pain come to an end a year and a half later. With my health back in check, I feel I’ve been given the gift of a second chance at living my life to its fullest. I owe it all to Dr. Sachs and her unique, yet common sense approach to medicine! This quote says it all in my opinion-”The Dr. of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of Disease.” -Thomas Edison

Doris H.

A Unique Physician

Dr. Sachs is a unique physician because she discusses a realistic approach to your health issues in a way that honors you goals and beliefs. After working with you extensively, she spends hours preparing a foundation for a power, effective and safe system of health and healing. I have never been to a Dr. who is so committed to helping you.

Kim P.W.

Highly recommend Dr. Sachs for solving and preventing problems

I am ever grateful for Dr.Sachs’s thorough care and for her extensive medical and holistic health knowledge and expertise that was key to my FULL recovery from numerous health problems!

Her thorough health/life questionnaire and consultation, when she LISTENED and responded to my questions and concerns, reassured me. She ordered the right medical tests that revealed numerous health problems that I didn’t even know that I had. I am awed that her care for patients includes making available excellent supplements, which she researches to make sure that they meet her high standards of care.

As I was recovering, Dr. Sachs respected my time in follow-up appointments, periodically had me tested to see how I was progressing, and offered excellent educational opportunities with handouts and books. From the prevention perspective, I’ve benefited a lot from her handouts about getting through the cold & flu season.

Working with Dr. Sachs has helped me in several ways including ending adrenal fatigue and dramatically reducing toxins in my body. Thank goodness I have more energy and can now sweat! No wonder I feel so much better!!

She is an authority on detoxing from pesticides, plastic, parabens, heavy metals, and other harmful substances that surround us. She provides vital education about how to eliminate toxins from our bodies safely. Her on-going lectures about detoxing from our polluted world have given me excellent ideas and resources to deal with this overwhelming problem. Having regained good health with such excellent care, you can see why I highly recommend Dr. Sachs for anyone who suffers from illness (es): acute and/or chronic; with causes known or unknown.

Barbara E.


Believe me, you’ll want Dr. Sachs on your health care team! Her vast expertise, holistic perspective, and empathic care are invaluable for diagnosis, treatment and prevention. She saved my partner’s life by recommending that she donate blood in order to lower the very high ferritin (iron) level in her blood. No doctor ever noticed this problem. She demonstrates her care for patients in numerous ways. How wonderful to have doctor who really LISTENS and PROVIDES TIME and opportunities for questions.

Dr. Sachs, thank you beyond words!

Barbara E.

I would like to start out by saying that Dr. Sachs is the Bomb!!!

In 2005 I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I wish that I had gone to see Dr. Sachs during the time that I had chemo. Made it through six rounds. All is well now. 2 years after lymphoma I felt myself in a slump, very tired, no energy, I thought I was in a depression. I sought out the help of Dr. Sachs simply because I thought there might be something she could do for me. After tubes and tubes of blood draws, I found out that the chemo had depleted my body of essential minerals and nutrients.

She put me on a regimen of vitamins and I also started juice plus. Within a month or so I was feeling so much better. I had more energy and mentally felt better. This was just one of the many times I have consulted her because of a medical issue.

The second issue was just a few months ago. I detected an odor to my urine. I went to my internist only find that the urine specimen I had given was fine. She had me get an A 1 C, which is a test for diabetes. She then sent me to a urologist who obtained a urine specimen that was Normal. I was unable to identify exactly what the odor was; all I knew that it was still there after those 2 visits. Again I sought out the help of Dr. Sachs. Once I gave a urine specimen, I told her that it

had an odor she walked into the room to test it and she came to her office and told me the odor was a yeast odor. So she started me on 2 probiotics and within a month, the odor was gone. It was all related to a string of antibiotics that I was on for different reasons but within a 2-month span which was causing the odor.

Again if I had not gone to her for a consult, I may have been on a medical merry-go-round trying to find an answer.

I do encourage friends who have unsolved medical issues to seek her out. I wish the medical community would embrace her knowledge and seek her out when they can’t find answers. The wealth of knowledge that she has about what makes the human body function is so powerful. I seriously know at least 5 or more people that can benefit from her medical knowledge… I am fortunate to have her in our community.

Keep up the great work!!!!! Again, YOU ARE THE BOMB!!

Anne W.