Bone Health

The current approach to osteoporosis illustrates two of the biggest problems in medicine today. First is the myth that only drug therapy works, especially when faced with a serious condition. This is the Big Pharma model of medicine which often frightens people by misusing statistics and overestimating the risks of developing a serious condition.  This [...]

Eat Well and Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again – it seems like everywhere we turn, there are holiday treats abounding:  parties with sprawling buffets, buckets of egg nog, platters of Christmas cookies, even “thank you” candy canes given out for your Salvation Army donation!  And while we may hear songs of this being the "most wonderful time [...]

3 Tips to Maintain Muscle

Our muscles are so much more important than most people realize!  How much MUSCLE you have is more important than your weight or how much fat you have.  Muscles equal health and longevity!  It’s not just that they hold us upright and allow us to walk run, jump and hug; muscles also serve as your [...]

The Flu Shot – Health or Harm?

Every year as fall rolls around, you are suddenly bombarded with pressures and overwhelming reminders to, “Get your flu shot here!”  But what is the flu shot exactly?  And why does Big Pharma and your local pharmacy push it so much?  More importantly, is it necessary, or even beneficial to you and your family? Spoiler [...]

What is Functional Medicine?

A Patient-Focused Approach to Health Management Functional Medicine takes a patient-focused approach to health management and treatment rather than a disease-focused approach. It uses scientific methods to assess underlying causes of illness in each patient; then integrates that knowledge with medical and naturopathic disciplines into an individualized, effective and safe program to prevent illness, restore [...]

Physiology Before Pharmacology

One Doctor’s Approach to Better Medicine “Physiology before pharmacology.” I made this my motto over a decade ago to explain how I routinely help my patients heal from chronic illness. The Medicine of the 21st century, the medicine I practice, is so much bigger than the terms integrative, complementary or alternative allow. I needed a better descriptive