What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine treats the cause of a disease, not just the symptoms. Dr. Sachs works with you to find the root cause of diseases and helps you find the perfect path to transformational health.

Dr. Sachs will address you as a whole person and look at your individual health history, lifestyle, stress levels, and goals.

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How can I work with Dr. Sachs?

There are 3 options to work with Dr. Sachs. You can…

  1. Schedule an office visit.
  2. Work with Dr. Sachs virtually to create your Personalized Wellness Plan.
  3. Shop for Dr. Sachs’ personally recommended supplements, unique kits, and other health products.

Whether you see Dr. Sachs in-person or virtually, you’ll gain access to the P2P patient portal that houses your personal electronic medical record, including all forms, correspondence, written summaries, wellness plans, instructions, lab results, and more.

The P2P (Power2Patient) system allows for direct messaging with Dr. Sachs and her staff as well as access to a patient-only library of resources, forms, and other unique tools developed to help you achieve your health goals.

What is a Personalized Wellness Plan?

It’s time that the medical world focuses on the individual person, not a list of symptoms. With a Personalized Wellness Plan, you will work one-on-one with Dr. Sachs to carve an individualized path toward your unique goals.

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What is this website about?

Here you will find helpful, reliable, credible, forward-thinking science-based resources and tools to help you take control of your health and wellness. All information pertains to the health of our cells, our planet, and everything in between.

Why does Dr. Sachs take and recommend Juice Plus+ Orchard and Garden and Vineyard Blend capsules?

Dr. Sachs believes Juice Plus+ is the most important and most foundational nutritional product on the market today. She knows it is the only one with a body of published research and a proven safety record all over the world.

She has not missed a day for over 16 years. She gives it to those she cares about, and educates her patients and colleagues about this well-researched, affordable tool for better nutrition and better health.

Juice Plus+ is far superior to any multi vitamin type formula; it is a whole food concentrate, the first and only one with a body of clinical research proving it gets absorbed and positively impacts biomarkers and health.

Juice Plus+ powders contains active, bioavailable enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and hundreds of antioxidants, as well as the thousands of phytochemicals found in colorful plant foods.

Juice Plus+ is a concentrated powder made from 30 different fresh, nutrient-dense berries, fruits, and vegetables that are allowed to ripen naturally on the vine. The entire food, including the most nutrient-dense skin and seeds, is then washed and pulverized in a machine you can picture like a room-sized Vitamix.

Juice Plus+ powders contain NO pesticides, insecticides, heavy metal residues or microbial contaminants.

Every batch is tested for over 300 different contaminants at the beginning, middle, and end of the process. Organic produce cannot make this claims.

No gluten, dairy, or GMO ingredients are in any product made by the Juice Plus+ Company.

Every processing step and every claim is independently verified by the National Safety Foundation (NSF), and several similar trusted European and Asian groups. There is no higher certification of purity and truth in labeling available in the world.

The published clinical research on these products is compelling, with over 36 studies, published in top ranked peer-reviewed journals. This is name brand research, using placebo controlled human clinical trials in over 2,500 humans to date.

Juice Plus+ capsules have proven to be bioavailable, meaning they significantly increase blood levels of key nutrients.

The capsules have been shown to significantly reduce:

  • Systemic inflammation.
  • Free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • DNA damage.
  • Wrinkles.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Immune dysfunction in the elderly.
  • Colds and flu.
  • Homocysteine and LDL levels.
  • Endothelial dysfunction after a high saturated fat meal.

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For more information contact your Juice Plus+ representative Or go to www.eathealthy.ws

How much does an office visit cost?

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How do I contact Dr. Sachs?

Our team would love to hear from you! If you have questions about Dr. Sachs’ programs, treatment options, labs, or event presentations, please give us a call at 860-354-3304, or you can contact us online.