Dr. Sachs prevents and treats chronic illness by addressing their underlying root causes, remaining respectful of the uniqueness, complexity, and intuitions that make us human.

The first consultation, whether in the office or using telemedicine video, begins the process of uncovering and correcting the underlying root causes of your health concerns.

First, she listens to your concerns. Then, Dr. Sachs will share her comprehensive, thoughtful assessment of your entire health story, including your symptoms and concerns and your previous medical records including any past laboratory studies.

Then a personalized plan will be created explaining why and how each area of your health and healing will be addressed:

  • Diet and micro nutrition-to heal the gut and feed each cell
  • Movement- for optimal muscle, balance and aerobic function
  • Sleep and Renewal
  • Detoxification Support
  • Connection and more
  • Additional laboratory studies, routine or specialized, will be discussed as needed

Ongoing education and practical support is always included with every personalized wellness plan with Tracy Schiff, Health Coach Extraordinaire!! Tracy works with you to make your plan practical and do-able, and never overwhelming.

You will never be alone on this healing journey, we are here to help you understand how your body works and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Acne
  • Adrenal Disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Cholesterol Issues
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain
  • Dementia
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Detoxification & Healing
  • Diabetes
  • Eczema/Psoriasis
  • Environmental & Food Allergies
  • Fatigue
  • Female Disorders (PMS, Menopause, PCOS, Infertility)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • GI Disorders (IBS, IBD, GERD/Reflux)
  • Healthy Aging
  • Healthy Weight
  • Heart Health
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Inflammation
  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Mercury & Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Metabolic Syndrome/Pre-Diabetes/Insulin Resistance
  • Migraines & Headaches
  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Sinusitis
  • Sleep Issues/Insomnia
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Yeast Infections
  • …and many more!
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