“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi


DR. JOE JANOWICZ FOUNDATION, 501(c)(3) pending

designs-for-health-logo*This is my go to, research driven, “science first” supplement company. Designs for Health develops effective and intelligent products, made with the necessary co-factors for optimal absorption and synergy. Patients and clients receive discounted pricing. Click here to learn more

hw-logo*Here you can find specific products I have chosen and use with confidence. All from other quality, independently verified supplement companies: Metagenics, Xymogen, Nordic Naturals and many others. Patients and clients receive discounted pricing. Click here to learn more

e3-live-logo*Super food: Organic, fresh, frozen, liquid blue-green algae. Wild harvested and certified organic. Chlorophyll rich, nutrient dense, yet gentle and easy to absorb, it even tastes nice! Try an assortment pack or E3Live+BrainON combo. Click here to learn more

amazon-logoFind products that I personally find helpful, are special and often hard to find. Kitchen tools that I can’t function without, books that I have read, by authors I respect, that are important and relevant. Food, personal and health care products that I have vetted, use, and recommend to patients, clients and friends. Click here to learn more

clearly-filtered-logo*Finally, I’ve found a new BPA free water filter that removes 90-99% of FLUORIDE, chlorine, lead, mercury and other toxins that previously required reverse osmosis to remove. You’ll never need to buy water in a plastic water bottle again. Also, at 0.35 cents per gallon, it costs about half the price of other filters and NSF certifies their claims. Click here to learn more

vital-choice-logo*Sustainably harvested wild Alaskan fish and more! Yummy! Flash frozen in Alaska and shipped on dry ice to your door. The reason I have salmon, cod and halibut in my freezer is that Vital Choice does third party testing for mercury and also checked radiation levels. See their website for smart info and recipes. Click here to learn more

sproutman-logoThe ultimate source for all things sprouts. Sprouts are super foods; enzymes and protein with up to 100X more antioxidants than adult plants. There are dozens of different tastes and textures; try radish, mung and lentil sprouts! Living organic plant food for just pennies. I love my Fresh Sprout. It produces 4+ different kinds of sprouts in just three days. Click here to learn more

tower-garden-logoGrow your own food in a perpetual garden that’s only 3-foot across. It’s so easy, fast and beyond organic. Use it all year round; spring, summer, fall -outside and indoors in the winter with grow lights! Eat more vine ripe, super fresh produce every day for a fraction of what you spend now. Kids love it, its fun and there is no waste. This is the future of food supply. I donate a tower to charity for every 10 sold. Click here to learn more

high-tech-health-logoMy favorite sauna, it’s beautiful, well made, and easy to install and move. No plastic, paint or any toxic finishes. The built in speakers and other details demonstrate the high quality of this sauna. My 2-person High Tech Health Sauna is roomy and economical. Click here to learn more